5 Must-Haves in Ramadan

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With all of us getting a religious head start by the holy and sacred month of Ramadan, praying and reciting Quran forms an integral part of our routines, however, along all the religious activities our sleep-wake cycle and eating habits take some twisted turns throughout the month.  

Between all the fried special food for iftar and heavy Nashtas in the suhur, all the Daahi Bhallay and Desi Lassi , we often tend to forget the fact that Yes we get to live once but NOT eat once, yes?  

During the whole month of Ramadan, our whole body undergoes certain changes which mostly is for our benefit provided that we keep our lifestyle and eating habits in a strict control. So here are the 5 Must Haves that you should adopt and Must follow in this holy month: 

1-  Help your Kidneys: 

Help your kidneys

Help your kidneys

I mean it when I say this, Help your kidneys. When we are fasting especially during the scorching summers keeping up with the kidneys is THE MOST important must have. While eating all the muraghan food, keep in mind that it contains a high amount of salt which makes us more thirsty and our kidneys to lose water fast as concentrated urine. So to keep your water reservoir set to let you pass  17 hours + fast, eat food with less salt and try having food rich in potassium like bananas, it helps in retaining water. 

2-  Kill the heat and heat strokes: 

Temperatures going beyond 40 degrees, it is dire need to keep yourselves cool, yes both mentally and physically. So keeping up with the heat is also a must. Always keep a spare water bottle and a napkin with you and splash your face/head with water every now and then. In case of a heat stroke find a shady place, get some air and lift your legs up while sitting/lying just to keep the blood flow towards heart and prevent heat shock. 

3-  Stay Hydrated: 

stay hydrated

stay hydrated

This is the prime habit to adopt these summers, stay hydrated and keep your water content up to the level. Give up all the junk food having salt and spices and add on smoothies, fresh fruit juices, milk shakes and anything that just contain a lot of water. Please note that by keeping yourself hydrated I do not mean to say that you just go and hang your mouth with a water tank, not at all.  

4-  Watch out all the Carb:

Do not give a frown when I ask you to give up all that food which contain a high content of carbohydrates like rice, meat, flour because at the end of the day carbohydrates get converted into sugars and these sugars take a toll on your body even before you have finished eating and you feel bloated, rather have a healthy and balanced diet and pair these carbohydrates with beans, eggs or anything protein. 

5-  Do not miss your workout! : 

Do not miss out your workout

Do not miss out your workout

Yes, you are fasting does not mean that gives you a fair excuse to look over your exercise and workout routine. You sure can cut down the amount but do not leave the exercise part it keeps your burdened and disturbed metabolism regulated during Ramadan and does not let you feel lethargic. 


Stay happy, give others a chance and follow this and I guarantee you a better and healthier fasting experience than last year.

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