6 Just Pakistani Photographers Things

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Ah! Now that I get to write about something I am good at, Photography. Well since a few years the famous DSLRs have become a highly common trend. Now every other person is seen hanging up with the machine and the very notorious words that are commonly used A monkey with a DSLR (No Offense)  can be heard repeatedly.

All the high pixel and well processed DSLR touched dpz and event coverage is taking over the social media networking sites. But every magic comes with a cost, so with this photography and DSLR magic there comes a lot of perks and well, not-so-perky-things.

So treat yourself and read below the 6 Just Pakistani Photographers Things that every Paki Photographer must have experienced at least once.

1-      Them DP Shaukeens:

Yes! You have a DSLR, must have definitely heard your friends saying every now and then “Yaar ek 500 likes wali DP tou bna de” and that definitely piss you off!

Them DP Shaukeens

Them DP Shaukeens

1-      1000 shots < 1 picture:

That continuous shooting and getting only one worthy picture among them.

I know the pain, right?

1000 shots 1 picture

1000 shots 1 picture

1-      The Nosey and the Choosy ones:

Oh yes! Those friends who just do not like any picture you capture of them and still want more.

“Is mein naak mota aya hai” , “is mein smile theek nai ayi”, “is mein bhai chikna nai lag raha”

The nosey and the choosy ones

The nosey and the choosy ones

1-      The Wedding Photography:

The wedding coverage has every single photographer at some point like this.

the wedding photography

The wedding photography

1-      The Bhai-chara:

The urge to share your camera among your friends is shown as soon as you reveal that you have got a DSLR. And yes sometimes you have to take them hard handedly.

the bhai chara

The bhai chara

1-      The Mufta Party:

Bus bhai ki shaadi ki photography tu kare ge, free mein”

the mufta party

The mufta party

Photography is an art that is either innate or learned the hard way, owning or dis-owning a DSLR does not make anyone a photographer, you’ve got to have an eye. So do not take your photographer friends for granted, photographers do not take even weekends off and they might be your wedding photographers so you probably do not want to hush away your photographer just so early.

Stay happy and keep clicking ya’ll photographers.

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A budding photographer who loves to capture the essence in the moments and a writing freak.

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