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Hey there :-) I am Hassaan Naeem and I write most of the posts here. I have started this website four months ago and now it has become my passion. I have taken this initiative to share Social Media tips and tricks, news about blogging and how it can affect your online presence, latest trends about fashion, entertainment news from all around the globe and health tips to keep you sound and healthy.

I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Karachi and working in ADWEB STUDIO as a Content Developer and Social Media Practitioner. I have started serving this industry since one and a half years and my journey has been superb.

Before stepping into this industry I was a guy who used to play lot of cricket on streets with friends. I was considered as the most dangerous bowler during my cricketing days. I started my professional carrier as a freelancer when one of my friends assigned me with a work to write web content. I got really excited and I found it a very exciting and enjoyable job to do.  After that I started picking up more work on behalf of my previous successfully completed assignments.

One day when I was having a conversion with my mom, received a call from a Dubai based company. They conducted a small interview on Skype then called me at office for my final interview. The interesting part is that I never applied for this job anywhere. Hope you are not getting pissed off while reading this story of mine ;) Anyways I got selected as a content writer and Social Media Practitioner in the firm and currently working here.

I have started 360NewsFee to fill up my leisure time trust me but when I saw such an awesome response to each and every post I write. It turned out as a passion for me and now I am giving my heart and soul to make it a platform where people can get latest and trendy news from all across the globe.

If you are the one who is passionate about writing and looking for a platform to express your thoughts then 360NewsFeed is always happy to welcome you :-).  Your contribution will be appreciated and it is going to provide you a chance to showcase your words to those who can grasp valuable information from that.

Wanna reach me? You can do it easily by finding me on Twitter and LinkedIn.





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An Inbound Certified Professional and Digital Marketing Expert who is extremely passionate to attract visitors, convert them into leads and close them as customers. He writes about Digital Media Marketing trends and how to utilize them in a better way for great outcomes. Follow him on Facebook| Twitter | LinkedIn

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