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Ramzaan is here. Just like coming up with themes of different events, Google has also come up with the Ramzaan but only this time it’s not only welcoming Ramzaan but also helping us with its Ramzaan website ‘My Ramadan Companion’. The Blessed month is revered in the Islamic history and also appreciated by many as not only the sacred month but also most benefactor health wise even by the west.

One goes through the hassle with the time and for the people who work or are away from home it must be a juggling act, Keeping up with the work load and mentally making sure you are completing all the obligations required in this month. Praying five times, making sure you are home before iftari or reach the place you want to break your fast.

App Interface

App Interface

The Website offers the timings of Dawn and dusk of the requested location as well list the closest mosques, charity iftars, Ramazaan recipes and videos and even information on Traffic.

This was revealed on Google’s Blog just before Ramzaan started.

Apart from the info regarding suhoor and iftari, the website also lists apps that could be useful in Ramzaan. Regarding alerting you when to wake up for sehri etc. You can even design a greeting card to wish your family and friends. Finding a place to eat is easy when you’re in a western country but finding halal? No worries, this Google Ramadan website will guide you and anything related to ramazaan.

“Growing up, the best part about Ramazan was eating way too much lentil soup with my family and catching up on the latest episode of our favorite series Bab Al-Hara,” said Zain Kamal Masri, Associate Product Marketing Manager Middle East and North Africa.

Google revealed that as many as 200 million people will take help from this website and share with their family and loved ones around the world through this technology. Google have come up with all kinds of solutions for its users and now it has proved it isn’t discriminatory in providing for its users.

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