NUST Students race for making it in the Formula 1

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Pakistan is always under the radar for its bad antics, outsourcing terrorism and the chaos within the country. Seldom does it is shown in the positive light especially in the international media. Pakistani media on the other hand is always on a lookout for any source which would serve as an ingredient for a spiced up political drama.

Countless contributions from the Pakistanis have gone unnoticed. One of them is the NUST Karachi student’s contribution in Formula 1 car competition in UK hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers which results in their cars’ selection for the Formula 1 event. The NUST students unveiled the car they have manufactured in Peshawar in 2014 the first time at local hotel. The Car took one year to complete, the actual time given for the participants to complete the model.

NUST Team poses with a Formula 1 car

NUST Team poses with a Formula 1 car

The Selection Process

A team member explained the process saying it took six months for the designing while the manufacturing was done in 3 months. The team included 30 students including five girls worked for the project named NAS-14 named after a former dean of NUST Mechanical engineering department Captain Nadeem Ahmed. The Team was selected out of the 178 entries. The cars were judged according to their design, technology, statistics and business aspects. The selection process isn’t easy and has to be passed through 1000 rules and tests; noise tests and engineering tests. All the tests have to be passed before hitting the tracks.

The matter of sponsorship is also on the cards without that one cannot make it to that level of achievement with all the manufacturing products and tools. The car is manufactured to cater to the high acceleration it has to go through to race and requires strong manufacturing, so no doubt it’s a milestone to be selected and compete in this field.

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