Pakistani Student Bags Second place in NASA Design Competition

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Pakistan is often known as the bad apple of a tree. But that’s not all this country has to offer, it has given birth to countless stars that often can’t be seen. One of those stars is a Pakistani O’ Levels student Mir Shah Aizaz who bagged second place by an Annual design competition conducted by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) sponsored by NASA Ames Research Centre for his entry “Beyond Infinity – Eros Outer Atmosphere Settlement”.

About the Design

The Sci-fi Aficionados are going to get a lot out of it. NASA held the competition so that the students’ ages 11-18 (Grades 6-12) get to try out designing the space settlement held in their imagination. Although the competition was for a team consisting of 6 people but Aizaz managed to secure a 2nd position individually. He had to make a space city work with an alien climate in it consisting of agriculture, infrastructure etc in a place where the environment is not suitable for human beings.

Pakistan & the Youngsters winning Laurels 

Young Pakistani’s are not losing hope and trying their level best competing with the world in the fields they possess interest. In the last month alone we had a young gaming six-year old prodigy (Microsoft Certified Individual) Sumail winning the Dota championships in USA, the youngest Pakistani hacker with Plaudits from Sillicon Valley companies. Adding to it was a Pakistani student winning Bronze at the Microsoft Office Championship. And now we have Mir whose model can attain the alien planets and settle there.

We can hope to see a spark shinning as the glory to Pakistan’s Blueprints working in the Market.

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