Pakistanis take on Legalization of Homosexual Marriages in USA

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Have you been watching rainbow painted displays on some of your friends’ profiles? Or have you been seeing a lot of hash tags such as #LoveWins, #MarrigeEquality and #Tolerance?

Before I start on writing, know this that I am a Pakistani Muslim and I have a totally different take on the issue. This has taken me quite some time to research and finally decide to write about this.

A very progressing trend has been lately seen in our Facebook/twitter-inflicted youth and that is cyber war. All you have to do is read a piece of status, and just infuse every possible judgment about those few words in that fancy comment box. Easy, no? And yes of course, the caramel popcorn-during a perfect movie-pleasure these comments then bring to the audience is even more commendable. Some people are too jazbaati and some have just a give-a-damn attitude towards these status updates.

Lately on Friday 26th June, 2015, the similar take was seen on the issue of Legalization of Homosexual marriages in USA, a petition that was filed and later with 5-4 ruling, justices finally recognized same-sex marriages legal under the USA constitution giving the Homosexuals, gays, lesbians equal rights to marriage, birth and death just like heterosexuals. With this USA became the 21st country to release ban on the gay marriages (Source, The Guardian)

Legalization of homosexual marraiges in USA

Legalization of homosexual marraiges in USA

Whole world along with famous personalities like Obama, Miley Cyrus, Robbie Rogers and others supported this act and called it a “Victory of Love”.

As soon as the decision was announced it just broke the fence! Human rights activists and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) communities celebrated throughout the world, though some openly and some secretly. These are the takes of non-Muslim societies where this was already existing and prevailing, only a legal tag was required. What about the Muslim countries, communities and societies?

I have been going through various social media websites, blogs and articles just to see the Pakistani take on the issue and to my shock and dismay (not at all reserving my opinion) people actually are supporting this by the name of #Live_and_Let_Live, and tolerance for others.

Some think that it is the right thing to support homo-marriages just because they are human beings and deserve happiness just like every other human being. Also, many  haram things are going on in the country and are Okay, this is also okay as our religion preaches tolerance and respect.



While few had an outrageous reaction to this support again with the reference to what Islam teaches and yet again the example of Hazrat Lutt’s qoum who practiced homosexuality openly and had suffered a stern punishment  from Allah because of this.


The news did manage to gather the attention of some of the high profile celebs like Hamza Ali Abbasi, who yet also had the opinion utterly against the support for rainbow.

Hamza Ali Abbasi against the support of rainbow

Hamza Ali Abbasi against the support of rainbow

And of course the pacifiers lot we have who no matter what manage to intend a pun in every situation may be to just pacify it.



people with their thoughts

people with their thoughts


We are a very opportune lot of people. We manage to bring out the most convenient way for us in every possible situation be it under the slogan of Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Religious Tolerance and undoubtedly Islam. Sure these are for our adaptability and to make things easier for us but using all of this just to support your part of argument is not possibly acceptable.

As Muslims we are sent upon everything in Quran and anything against it does not even hold a point of discussion, oh but Islam preaches seeking knowledge, giving rights to minority, but my dear fella, Allah has said that He is the Creator and He creates some as man, some as woman and some as both.

There is nothing of as support to homosexuality that I have read of so far and even if there is a tiny possibility of anyone using part of a hadees or verse in his/her convenience and supporting this that still won’t make a difference as whatever Allah has said it surely has a maslihat that our sinful souls cannot imagine to understand.

So let USA be USA and focus on improving personal and societal norms.

Live and Let Live.

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