Reasons why your business will not survive without social media marketing

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If we observe the budget of majority of businesses, a major proportion is allocated for marketing. This is because businesses know the need for marketing in order to survive in a competitive industry. However, since the day when social media marketing came into existence, marketing itself has become a very broad word. Using traditional marketing techniques is no more sufficient to keep your business alive in an industry.

Here is an infographic by qSample that shows what social media marketing can bring to your business that traditional marketing techniques cannot.

reasons why your business will not survive without social media marketing


Studying this infographic we can say that the audience we can reach through social media could be entirely impossible if we use traditional print and manual marketing methods. Also, social media marketing is comparatively cheaper with a high possibility of positive results. This is because if you spend more, you will be assured that your message is being delivered to more and more people. Conversely, traditional marketing is not reliable if done in cheap rates and in order to bring efficiency; you may have to spend a lot of money such as on television marketing.

Another very important thing about social media marketing is that if your business is present online and has attractive website and social media pages, customers are more likely to choose you over competitors who lacks online presence. This is because people believe that if a business is active on social media, it will have better quality goods and after-sales services. In other words, businesses can create goodwill for their business through social media marketing.

Finally, the fact that social media marketing is relatively simpler than traditional marketing techniques makes it better than the latter. This is because traditional methods are so much time consuming that you need to outsource them while several small businesses take care of social media marketing themselves at a small scale. Once the business gets successful, you can outsource social media marketing at a large scale too. So given all these facts and benefits, it is quite obvious that most businesses now use social media marketing and so if any business within an industry is not using it, survival will not be possible.


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