Symbian ->MeeGo – > Windows -> Path of Nokia to Android Phones

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As long as we can remember, Nokia Phones were said to rule the world with their dumb phones(Don’t take me wrong, this is a terminology).  When iPhones were released with their cool features, the leaders in Mobile Market started to look for new ways to tailor their mobiles to meet the upcoming requirements of the consumers.  Nokia Phones always kept their phones not open to users.  The firmware was protected and the openCV platform approach was rejected by Nokia.


Symbian Phones

The Symbian Phones were an instant hit amongst the users.  People appreciated the latest items that were lined up by the developers and started to look forward for the latest releases of the company.  The company kept on trying to give latest releases of the Symbian Phones till 2013 when it officially declared the end of Symbian Phones.


Linux Devices

Ever since Apple stepped it with its iPhone in 2007 and shortly after the HTC released its HTC Dream in 2008, the Nokia Phones became less and less popular among people.  The smartphones brands seemed to rule the world.  Nokia started to struggle because what people loved about the phones changed.  Android seemed to take over the world.  The only ones who kept up was Apple, because its iOS kept on rapidly evolutions and for almost every popular App in Android there was an App updated for iPhone and iPad users.  Nokia’s Response.  Linux Based MeeGo.


Windows Phone

Nokia started to look for ways to compete and the alliance set up between Windows and Nokia seemed to make everything right.  The Windows equipped Lumia phones were released but Nokia lost to Apple as the leaders of Smart Phones.  Uptill now, Nokia was going on with Windows releases but still have not been able to take over Market.


Nokia based Android Phone

Wall Street Journal is reported that Nokia will release the first ever Nokia powered Android Phone in MWC.  Instead of Google’s apps, the device is said to feature apps from Nokia and Microsoft.  Also, Nokia will offer an app store for Android apps.




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