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Jerry Springer – Actor, Radio Talk Show Host, Talk Show Host, News Anchor and a Mayor. Born on 13 February, 1944 in London, England is famous for a lot of little reasons but gained main-stream success after his tabloid talk show kicked in. His famous show, The Jerry Springer Show, started in September 20, 1991. The show has recorded a total of 22 seasons till now and the 23rd Season is going on.

As a Mayor

In the year 1970, he ran for Congress. He gained 45% of vote in the Republican district. He was elected to city council in 1971 and resigned in 1974 when he admitted to hiring a prostitute. Again in 1977, he was chosen to serve another year in the City Council as Mayor. He considered running for US senate but as his association was effecting his show so he gave up his political career.



As a Journalist

For a brief period of his life, he transferred his thoughts for being a political reporter and commentator. When he signed up for the show, the show was not high rated but with his charm he managed to take his show to the number-one news anchor along with his partner Norma Rashid. He gathered a total of ten local Emmy Awards. These commentaries were later found in his “Final Thought” in his Show.



As an Actor

He was seen making guest appearance in various shows for a couple of episodes. He debuted his acting career by the Ringmaster where he portrayed himself. Days of Our Lives, Domino, George Lopez, Married with Children, Since You’ve Been Gone are some of the TV Series in which he made appearances.


The Jerry Springer Show

The show in WLWT gave his producer Richard Dominick to alter the show format a bit to gain ratings. He began targeting tabloidish sensationalism. It won’t be wrong to say that his show talked openly about controversial topics like adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, hate group. This gained his show more and more viewership and by 1988 he was beating the famous Oprah Winfrey Show.

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