Tech-Mela: An initiative to promote e-commerce in Pakistan?

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Pakistan is a developing nation and the awareness of advanced technology and devices is not as widespread as it is in many developed countries. Although slow, Pakistan is gradually walking towards advanced technology and farther in the World Wide Web. One of the many initiatives to promote this is the Tech-Mela that does not only focus on promoting the e-commerce within Pakistan but also to make technological devices and gadgets available to and affordable for masses. Excited? You should be! Want to know more about Tech-Mela?’s Tech-Mela is a 10-days online shopping festival of technological gadgets, mobile phones and data and voice plans. The organizers of this mela observed the fact that a huge number of Pakistanis are now addicted to smartphones and use internet on smartphones only. Hence, this mela will give an opportunity to those active users to buy phones and other gadgets at surprisingly low rates because Tech-Mela will offer upto 30% discounts during these 10 days. Considering the aims and goals of the organizer of this Tech-Mela, Google expressed its support too and the reason why Google is supporting this initiative could be seen by the words of Tania Aidrus, Google South Asia Frontier’s country manager who claimed that Tech-Mela will make the concept of e-commerce more popular in Pakistan and many people who are unaware of it but are interested in technological gadgets and phones will be exposed to e-commerce for the first time.

Isn’t there anything very exciting about tech-mela? Well, if upto 30% discount and online festival does not attracts you, the news I’m about to disclose surely will. has decided to introduce six new phones in this festival. Yes, phones that you have never seen will be launched in this festival including two phones from Innjoo, one from Infinix, two from intex and one from Xtouch. Since these brands are not very well known and credible, you will be able to purchase them at surprising rates during 10 days of Tech-mela. However, I never said that successful brands like Samsung, Huawei and Microsoft won’t be available: there will be a wide range of phones and gadgets to choose from.

It is said that such a mela is rarely witnessed here and so people are so excited about it that they have even decided the products to buy from the tech-mela.

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