The End of an Era – How I Met Your Mother coming to an End

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It started out with the proposal of Marshal and Lilly and on the second last episode of its last season, ended with the “I Do’s” of the most extraordinary couple, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky. How I Met Your Mother is approaching to an end and the season’s last episode is still awaited but the big surprise has been revealed. The awesome couple ended things with a high note and their wedding was indeed Legend – wait for it – dary. Well yes, this was for seen but here are some things that you might not know about the show.



In the course of the show, we get to meet up with the real life partners of three members of the gang? Yes, Alyson, Cobie and Neil’s better halves were in the show.
Alsyon is married to Alexis Denisof (Sandy Rivers) and have two beautiful children.
Cobbie’s husband, Taran Killiam also makes some appearances in the show as Gary Blauman.
Barney’s partner, David Burtka, well he is the one reading Gun’s and Roses’ on Lily’s Wedding, our Lunch Lady Scooter

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Even the Cast did not know who would be the Mother. The directors kept on joking about who would the real mother be but Robin was never a choice. That’s why was called Aunt Robin in the first place.

Coming Back

All the scenes of the children had been filmed in the start of the show as the children were growing up fast and there was no better way to hide their age. And the finale, a scene with the children were filmed in 2006, that would mark the end of the sitcom. The children even signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep the mystery on.

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If the show had not been an instant hit, Ted would have married Victoria.  Victoria was the most favorite love affair of Ted for all the seasons.


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