The Problem with Idolism

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Very often in our lives, we end up idolizing people and inadvertently, live our lives being inspired by them. These people could be anyone ranging from religious figures to social workers to television stars.

While the reasons for being idolized over someone are debated to this day, one thing’s for sure, people try to morph their personalities to become more like their idols. So much so, that people would go to unbelievable heights to defend the actions of their idols.

A common example is about religion, instead of understanding religion on a personal basis, people often opt to listen to one or two figures and base their judgements solely on their understanding. More recently, many educated people defended the heinous actions of MumtazQadri, simply because certain religious scholars termed him as a “hero”.

Idolizing someone heavily limits the knowledge and understanding of this universe of a person. While it is okay to consume a vast array of opinions from different people, it is certainly wrong to base your understanding of everything on one single person.

Pakistan has a huge problem of idolism, from politicians to religious scholars, everyone has one idol whom they would defend while putting their lives in front. So much so, that normal coffee debates turn into a win or lose situation between two individuals, as if someone’s reputation is on the line.

Another problem that lies with idolism is that people undermine their potential and feel incompetent in front of the person they admire.  “I can never be as intelligent as Mark Zuckerberg” or, “I’ll never be as inspirational as Angeline Jolie”. This very mind set leads people to undermine themselves and contribute very little to the society as a whole.

Therefore, it’s never the right approach to base your footsteps upon one of two individuals. It’s definitely a good thing to have some role models, but an individual lose his/her identity once he/she starts following that role model religiously.

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