The Tropical Paradise Mauritius

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Mauritius consists of 2 wonderful islands; the biggest one is the capital city Mauritius itself. Port Louis is located here. The other one is Rodrigues which is 500 km away.



Arab traders knew about Mauritius existence at it was in their maps, but the very first visitors from Europe were the Portuguese who landed in 1510.



The beautiful beaches include Pereybere area which is a public beach and is popular for its parks, shopping facilities and restaurants.



Balaclava Ruins is also a few metres away from Baie aux Tortues which was named by the 17th Century sailors after the many tortoises in the area. The location of the ruins now is a part of Maritim Hotel to which public access may not be possible.



Another interesting place to visit is the Triolet Shivala which is the longest village on the island along with the Labourdonnais Orchards which is full of tropical fruit trees, perfumed and colorful exotic flowers.



The Caudan Waterfront has a great collection of local souvenir shops, game arcades, movie theaters and local restaurants.



For the local stuff Bazard of Port Louis is the place to go to. Local snack, tropical fruits and the cheapest food are in variety.



The ‘goni basket’ will be available in any local crafted shop.



The local restaurants like every country’s traditional restaurants have their specialty.

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