Things to remember when Life is kicking you down

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Life is a constant struggle. After getting into school you have to fight to get good grades, be teacher’s favorite student, compete for all the extra-curricular activities. After Graduating from your studies race to get a job, be competitive at your workplace, be your boss’s best man and so on. But it’s not as simple as it reads, not every person gets his way and gets to win. Life knocks everyone down once in a while or at a lot of instances. One is left with resilience and to start a new day.

For some Life is Lost and they getting lost in the conundrums that it pushes one in. Not everyone knows how to get out of these confusions and some loose the enthusiasm of Life. Hold your ground, Take one step at a time and reflect. Try these when Life’s not going your way:

Take a Deep Breath & Look back

One always becomes quiet when comes in contact with a downfall. Best thing to do at this point is to reflect on your actions, what you did that went wrong. Just like weighing in your positive actions one needs to look after your negative actions and traits too as they might help in your growth. You might come to a conclusion as to what to avoid the next time.

Try new Things

When nothing goes right in your present life, take a turn. Change your path. Try a New one. Either take a new turn or try a new Path and start afresh. Every now and then one needs to reconsider the choices they take and replace them with a new one. The new things one tries can breathe enthusiasm in your life. Every now and then one needs to try their hands at new things to keep their life afresh.

Tell your heart it’s Okay

Sometimes all you can do is just relax. Wait and watch what life brings towards you. You just have to trust God and your Fate. Tell your heart ‘It’s Okay’ every now and then.

Where you are doesn’t Matter

It doesn’t matter where you are but how long you have traveled. Your Journey matters more than your destination. What struggles you’ve surpassed and overcome becomes a part of you; it makes you who you are. If you’ll look for the destination where your end is you won’t find any as there is no perfect destination. Embrace your years and experiences. Thank God for it and move forward. Nothing will save you but you yourself.

As you live your life one comes up with keys to Life to follow. Learn and adapt those lessons and forget to grow. If you’re the same as you were 5 years ago, you haven’t accomplished anything.

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